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Meet the residents, get the gossip!


Seventeen-year-old Janie is new to Montours City with a few secrets of her own. We don’t yet know what brought her to town or how long she plans on staying, but we’re glad she’s here. As Mr. Calhoun likes to say, "You stick around long enough, you might find you got yourself a new home.” Discover Janie's story in EAST OF EVERYWHERE


Mr. and Mrs. Wilhems, affectionately known as Mr. Calhoun and Ms. DiDi around town, are one of the original families of Montours City. You can find Mr. Calhoun fixing cars in his repair shop or helping around the new children's home for reasons of his own. Don't forget to stop by the bakery for Ms. DiDi's famous hot cross buns! Meet the Wilhems in EAST OF EVERYWHERE!


The Mayhews are one of the founding families of Montours City and have assisted in the town's expansion thanks to their flooring factory near the river. Widow Imogene Mayhew keeps to her estate, but her son Henry can often be found at the children's home he's helped to establish on behalf of his late sister. Learn more about the Mayhews in EAST OF EVERYWHERE!


Need a place to stay while you're in town? Check out Webster's Boarding House, run by Sabina Webster and her niece, Callie. You'll also get a glimpse of some of the regular boarders, including Naila, Susan, Mrs. James, and the Cartwright family. Be sure to enjoy Callie’s home-cooking, learned when her mother was a cook at Mayhew Manor. Stay with the Websters in EAST OF EVERYWHERE!


Alex Halle rode into Montours City on his motorbike one day and now keeps to himself in a boxcar near the derelict train station past the cornfields. We have a feeling this isn't the last we'll hear the name Halle in town. Montours City has a way of making you feel like you belong... Welcome Alex to Montours City in EAST OF EVERYWHERE!


The gabled house on Peachtree Lane is where sixteen-year-old Lilac Sophia Carpenter spends most of her early teenage years, daydreaming her future as life continues on around her. While Nathan Emery is no longer seen crossing the yard between their houses, you’ll find Montours City’s very own Dr. Wilhems stopping by for frequent visits. Send your well wishes to Lilac in LILAC IN WINTER!


The Emery’s moved to Montours City when their son, Nathan, was still young, through there seem to be some former ties to the town that have yet to be uncovered. Recently moved in with his older sister across the river, Nathan's appearance is missed on Peachtree Lane. Get to know Nathan in LILAC IN WINTER!


The owners of 865 Cherry Hill Road recently unearthed a time capsule belonging to their teenage daughter, Amelia Lenelli, documenting her existence by sharing her experiences in the aftermath of worldwide tragedy and her own personal struggles with chronic illness. The letters are now housed in the Mayhew Museum. Read Lia's letters in THE LAST LETTER!


You’ll find neighborhood families gathering at the Engle’s Fourth of July barbecue, including long-time family friends, the Lenelli’s! Be sure to sneak a hot dog to their golden retriever, Ginger, and catch up with their son, Josh, before he leaves for college. Don’t forget to try one of Mr. Engle’s cheeseburgers—we hear they’re the best in town. Join the festivities in THE LAST LETTER!


The town of Montours City adores the Summer family! Wise beyond her years, you can find twelve-year-old Annie on Applewood Road, trying to hold onto memories and navigate the sometimes-confusing days of her youth. Join Annie on her summer adventures in GOLD IN THE DAYS OF SUMMER!


Three young boys can be a handful, just ask anyone in town! But the Bartlett boys are good-natured and have a fondness for playing baseball at the park on Hastings Road. Housed on Applewood Road, down the block from the Summers, the middle Bartlett boy seems to have a budding romance with young Annie. Say hello to Connor in GOLD IN THE DAYS OF SUMMER!


The Rosenbergs have known the Summers for years, thanks to their daughter Ava's friendship with Annie. The two can often be found riding their bikes or panning for gold in the creek beyond the Martin farm, though it seems their days spent together might fade as quickly as summer. Become friends with Ava and Annie in GOLD IN THE DAYS OF SUMMER!

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