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East of Everywhere

"This story is both beautiful and heartbreaking... It unfolds like a memoir of hazy memories. I loved it!" - Amazon Review "This was such a sweet story that I could resonate with. No matter your circumstances in this world, we all belong somewhere and we are someone important. The relationship between Leo and Janie was especially my favorite. We have so much to be blessed about even if our every day life seems bleek. I highly recommend this book!" - Amazon Review "Janie is relatable as the female mc and you want to cheer her on even when she's being insecure. And as always, you can catch me liking a book if there's a dog involve, especially with a cute name like "Panda." Been hooked on this era recently for historical fiction. Definitely would recommend reading this. References of Jane Eyre had me glad I just recently read that too!" - Amazon Review "The story in this book wasn't flashy, but told a gentle story of life. I enjoyed that it moved back and forth along different timelines and slowly gave way to the full understanding of everything that occurred. I felt invested in the main character, wanting to know where she had been and where she was going. The story could have continued on beyond the ending, but I liked that the story kind of faded and allowed you to wonder at what may happen next." - GoodReads Review

Lilac in Winter

"Superbly written storyline filled with immense imaginative and descriptive details. This book definitely tugs at the heart strings, and captures the essence of life. I found it full of profound meaning and can personally relate to it. I highly recommend Lilac in Winter as a great read for anyone and everyone."- Amazon Review "Susan creates characters that are so real and alive and she sucks you right into her world. I cried and laughed during this book. The characters are realistic, they have flaws, they’re not perfect and shiny. Lila has a terminal illness. Her parents are divorced and her dad is remarried. Her sister got married and moved away. And her best friend Nathan is still her best friend, just not in person right now. As her body gets worse, Lila lives and loves through her dreams. Susan captures the lives of people living with a terminal illness. The person sick, and those who are caring for them. She breaks your heart, and gives you hope at the same time. The characters absolutely come alive. She had a true gift." - Amazon Review "I won this book in a giveaway and had to read it immediately and read it in one sitting. This was a really good book in getting to know who Lilac is and her story and of course Nathan. It was touching and special." - Amazon Review "Oh my goodness. This book was beautifully written and one you just couldn't put down. I cried through it (thanks so much for the headache!) but again could not walk away from it. I just won this today and finished it today. It tells of a 16 year old girl named Lilac with a terminal illness telling her story of her relationship with her friend Nathan since they were 6 yrs old. They share a bond that even was broken for some years is strong enough to come back strong. Ms Pogorzelski sure can write a book. What a talented lady. Read it and you'll know why I say that." - GoodReads Review

The Last Letter

"The Last Letter by Susan Pogorzelski is a thoughtful, authentic and compelling story that will challenge and change your attitude about living silently with a chronic illness…or supporting someone you love who is living with an invisible disease. It is for anyone who has ever felt like they missed out or are currently missing out on life. This book reaffirms that you are not alone and to be grateful for every good day you have. Ultimately, it is a story of hope…that giving up is not an option. And if you push through the darkness, you will find the light again." - Amazon Review "As a Lyme/MSIDS sufferer, I felt so much validation and for the first time in over a decade, I felt--FEEL--like I am not alone! I feel like someone gets it, and just knowing that SOMEONE truly gets it is more helpful than any medication! Anyone who suffers from any illness and anyone who knows someone who is or was suffering will be able to relate to Amelia's struggle." - Amazon Review "If you are looking for answers to many of the isolating and open ended questions attached to surviving Lyme, you can find them here. Pogorzelski describes biological and metaphysical aspects and experiences of the illness as well as the grip it often has on the interpersonal relationships of those affected. Every survivor story about Lyme Disease is unique to its owner, yet we are able to find connection and comfort in recurring ideas- the pain involved in surviving is meant to be shared to guide others. The Last Letter is an eloquent account of a young woman's journey providing hope and strength for any reader." - Amazon Review "I cried for Amelia throughout the book, and had literal chills during parts of it. I ached for her, for her physical and emotional pain. Amelia is my friends and family members who have and do suffer. If you or someone you know has or thinks they have lyme, read this book." - Amazon Review "I loved reading this story of a teenage girl with the complications of high school romance and the underlying illness - it was full of mystery, and heartache, empathy, understanding, longing. Great read." - GoodReads Review "A series of letters telling an inspiring story you want to know. Received as a goodreads giveaway, I feel fortunate to have read this book and recommend others read it also." - GoodReads Review

Gold in the Days of Summer

"If you loved shows like Gilmore Girls, movies like My Girl and Flipped, or books like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, you will LOVE Gold in the Days of Summer." - Amazon Review "I've always thought that the realization of mortality was one of those huge epiphanies just waiting to strike during adolescence, but the idea of change and how people change--adopting such different identities throughout a life, however gradual that change is--might just be a little more fitting." - Amazon Review "A beautiful coming of age novel. Really, truly lovely." - Amazon Review "The story is a delicate balance of humor and sadness, very well done!" - Amazon Review "In my experience, it's rare to find a book that touches me on so many levels." - GoodReads Review "I highly recommend this book -- it presents a very poignant perspective on the kinds of change that we all have to deal with in our own way." - GoodReads Review

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